imageHi! We’re Anu and Suba. A couple of sisters who were born in, and grew up in the tropical, slightly futuristic island city, Singapore. Since then we have traipsed around the globe, taking our Singaporean hearts with us to Doha, Dubai, Melbourne , Edinburgh and for now, we’ve parked them, one in Venice and the other in London.

Anu started this blog in 2015 just as she was packing up to leave Edinburgh and move to London (you’ve got to start some time right?). And then found that the temporary accommodation she moved into in London had a tiny very basic two hob, no-oven kitchen. So, while the blog was put on hold, the search for a flat with an experiment-proof kitchen continued. Now that she has found it, she has teamed up with her sister to bring you double the trouble!  1015385_10151891316157201_84896431_o

Anu  will drink anything if you tell her it’s tea, she loves cakes too and books, art and music. She’s doing her Phd in Philosophy and really enjoys teaching it too. She’s passionate about baking. Her favourite ingredients are abundant helpings of gooey dark chocolate, peaches and berries, fresh herbs, sea salt, chilli and bacon, and she spends time finding ways to put all these in cakes, at one go if possible! Her sister Suba suffered the most – she was her first guinea pig. Now her husband Rupert endures her experimental bacon mousses and french toast frittatas. So Anu owes them both a big thank you for hanging in there and encouraging her.

UntitledSuba has lived in Qatar and Dubai and just recently moved to Venice. She spends her days there thinking up recipes to feed a fussy toddler, learning Italian,tending to her little herb garden & trying to avoid the many little gelato shops that dot the piazza around her home. When she finds time, she learns to write code in the hopes that it will be useful someday.

She’s passionate about travel, discovering old cultures, walking around vintage markets and trying street food. She loves spices, nuts, dried fruit, fresh seafood ,melty chocolate desserts and anything with cheese on top.

Her family (and Anu in particular) have been a great inspiration to how she cooks and enjoys food , always with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for food of different cultures. Unfortunately, she still has her share of kitchen disasters which her husband pier has to pretend to enjoy. Don’t worry, she won’t post those here!

Along with the recipes we concoct, we’ll share great table-setting ideas, snippets from our wanderings either around markets or around the globe and some of our attempts at DIY craftiness.We are both working on our photography too. We use our phone cameras and instagram  & snapseed a lot but are learning how to use our DSLRs better so hopefully *fingers crossed* our photos get better and better!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ll come back often! Please link back to this site if you re-post recipes or pictures – thanks very much and stay in touch!

x Anu & Suba


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