Lifestyle: Street Food Hawker House, London


Bang Bang Prawn from Prawnography

One of the loveliest things about warm Summer days is hanging out in street markets and gorging on spicy, fried food and icy cocktails (or cold craft beers if you prefer). Our dear friends Mark and Tara suggested an impromptu trip to the Hawker House in Canada Water on one such perfect Saturday this month and it was an absolute gluttonous treat!

Hawker House is open every Friday 5pm to late and Saturday noon to late. This technically means it’s not just a Summer market. There’s an indoor section, so that makes sense (of course, we’ll report back after we’ve done our civic duty of checking the market out in Winter!) Another reason to check this out; it’s really great to see trendy markets like this moving slightly further out of the typical ‘trend zones’ like Shoreditch and Dalston.

I’ll move swiftly on to the food then. We managed to shovel quite a lot of it in as there were four of us!

The prettiest stall with the best smells and as far as I was concerned, the best dish of the evening.

Grilled Sea Bream: Farang

The best thing I had was the grilled Sea Bream with chilli, lime, lemongrass, nham jim (which is a hot and sour thai dressing) and sour fruits (I think it was pak kaat that they added but I can’t be 100% sure, it was delicious though), from the street food veterans, Farang (which is Thai for Guava). The fish was grilled perfectly, the light flakey meat was full of familiar Thai flavours and the accompanying ‘topping’ of the fruits, chiili and coriander gave it all an interesting and delicious twist.


Hot wings: Chuck Burgers

You can’t go to a street food market and not buy a portion of hot wings. That would be a colossal  hawker etiquette fail. So we also had the Chuck Burger chicken wings which were nice and fiery but very much like your typical hot wings.

Crabmeat fries

Prawnography: Crabmeat fries & Bang Bang Prawn

A lot of points for the stall name! And for the prawns, which were fresh and coated in a really lovely crispy, light batter. The crabmeat fries were a little disappointing. The Thousand Island sauce just overwhelmed the brown crab meat and it essentially tasted like you were at your lovely but over-zealous grandaunt’s house eating chips with pink sauce.


Meat Hook: Sirloin Steak with chimichurri sauce and bone marrow gravy

If you eat beef, order this. It was excellent. The meat was soft and melty, the bone marrow gravy was rich and creamy and the chimichurri  (parsley, oregano and garlic sauce) was fresh, and the green version, which I love.


Chin Chin Labs: Ice cream Brownie Sandwich

Nitro-frozen ice cream. About as smooth as you’ll get with ice cream because the nitrogen freezes it so fast that you don’t get any chance of ice crystals forming in the ice-cream. The brownie also looked like a cookie – which was clearly an envelope-pushing move. I’d recommend sticking to this dessert over the others (like the sticky toffee version which was good but not as good as the brownie).

Avoid the cocktails at the Rum Shack. Sorry, but they were mostly just ice, which in that heat became mostly just very expensive water, very quickly. The craft beers, I hear from the gents in the group, were good.

Here’s to more Summer gobbling!

Find out more details at the Hawker House web page here

Canada Street SE16 7PG

Free before 7pm and 3 quid after

x Anu &Suba




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