Travel: 3 things to do in Berlin

1. MarktHalle Neun

berlin streetfood

In one of Berlin’s trendiest areas, Kreuzberg, you’ll find this beautiful historical building hosting the best (and still quite secret from tourists) night-time street food market every Thursday evening (there are other things going on during the week like special food fairs, farm-produce and food trucks so check out the website). Everything you could ever want from a street food market you’ll find here: slow-cooked food, home-brewed herb filled cordials, all kinds of Dali-dream-inducing cheese, tofu, of course, vegan everything from ice-cream to pulled pork, and a lot of very trendy people (without which of course no street food market is legit).

The best advice we can give: Arrive just after opening time (which is 5pm). If you are there later, grab some easy-to-eat snacks from one of the less crowded stalls to munch on before getting into a queue – you might be queueing for about 20 minutes for some of the stalls. Also, if you’re queueing after 9pm, check how many servings are left before you start queueing. We queued for about 20 minutes at one stall, got to almost the front and were told there was no more left for us!


When we got there we did a quick scope around the market and then picked up some Tofu on a stick with BBQ sauce (crisp coating, firm inside with just the right amount of saltiness and fruitiness from the BBQ sauce), a homemade orange, ginger and thyme drink (refreshing and herby but could have had more zing) and then made a beeline for the meatball stall, which had four difficult-to-choose from assortments of meatballs on a stick: Berlin, Bangalore, Bologna and Bangkok. To our delight, we discovered mixing and matching the B’s was allowed (the flavours were all delicate but that was perfect given how flavourful the meat itself was). After we demolished that, we split up and queued at two different stalls – one for vegan pulled pork tacos, the ‘pork’ was a cleverly textured mix of jackfruit and seitan (wheat-based meat substitute) that was served with avocado and hot sauce (not that exciting to be honest) and the other for what was a glorious finale at the end of a 30 minute wait – the Green Bay Cheese Sandwich from J. Kinski’s. Crusty, toasted home baked spelt bread hardly holding in the 200 hours (yes, 200) cooked organic beef, coleslaw, cheese sauce, fried onions and jalapenos that were tumbling out. Best sandwich I have EVER eaten in my life. We scoffed it just as the bell rang to say it was 11pm and time to say “goodnight, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye” (if you’ve ever seen The Sound of Music you’d have sung that last line, and okay, I know that it’s technically Austrian).

Subway: Görlitzer Bahnhof
Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43
10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

2. Helmut Newton Foundation


I adore Helmut Newton, and Berlin houses the ‘living institution’ of some of his, and his equally talented wife June’s (better known as Alice Springs) best work. Housed in a former Prussian military officer’s casino , the foundation pays homage to the German photographer  who was admired for his provocative, evocative, erotic, surrealist, voyeuristic, ironic and playful work. Whether  he was shooting a fashion spread for Vogue or his iconic black and white nudes, which replicated the police photos of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group, Newton’s offerings to the worlds of art, eroticism and social critique are enormous.

Subway: zoologischer garten
jebensstrasse 2
d – 10623 Berlin

3. Tiergarten Park & Monkey Bar

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren  (RL) Magazine

An absolutely stunning urban park in the Mitte area of Berlin – the heart of parliamentary and government buildings. There are various beautiful paths you can take through the very sincerely and beautifully landscaped woodland-like park, forgetting you’re in the middle of one of the world’s most iconic and trendy cities. Sit beside one of the glimmering lakes with your copy of Hans Fallada’s ‘Alone in Berlin’  or if you’re there in Winter, seek out the ice-skating spots. Look out also for numerous sculptures (poets, composers, philosophers) and monuments along your walk. I’m also going to suggest you stop by the Monkey Bar in the 25hours hotel for a cocktail because you’ll get an absolutely stunning view of the zoo from where you’ll be sipping or skulling your ‘King Kong’.

Straße des 17. Juni
10785 Berlin Tiergarten
Monkey Bar

Subway: zoologischer garten

Budapester Strasse 40
10787 Berlin

x Anu & Suba


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